Force and Motion:

How Things Move:
I like to move it!

Hippothesis- Magnets

Sid the Science Kid Hard Kick

5 Senses:

Sid the Science Kid 5 Senses:

Barney and Friends 5 senses:

Hipothesis 5 Senses:

5 Senses Songs

Whats that Smell?

Big Smelly Bear

5 Senses Books:

A Perfect Day: All About the Five Senses (Beastieville Series)
A Perfect Day: All About the Five Senses (Beastieville Series)

Baby Bear, Baby Bear What Do You See?



Mouse control

Week 1:
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Watch Mouse Control video on the floor in front of the classroom first and then log on to the computers.

Mouse Control Video for Kindergarten:

Mouse Control Practice Games:

1. Colors
3. Build a Snowman
4. Curious George I love shapes
5. Compare and Order
6. Color Train
7. Dressing Lecky
8. Learn to Read
9. Potato Head
10. Dino Shapes