Scientific Method:

STEP 1: Problem:

Second Quarter:

Week 3:

Can I use a variety of technology tools to gather information (e.g., Web-based resources, e-books, online communication tools, etc.).
Please practice typing.
Click on the picture:
external image typing.jpg

Week 2:

Build your wild self!
Go to build your wild self and create an human/animal of yourself.

Then print the paper and write your name on it

1. Listen to the book about

Mr. Kennedy 1st Graders:

1. Curious George

First Quarter:

Week 1: October 3rd-7th

Please practice typing. Go to the link below.
Learn the Paint Program
external image paint_brush.gif?w=365&h=502
1. Go to Paint Program
a. Use the line tool and draw a line across the page about 2/3rds of the way down
b. Under the line write your name using the LARGE SQUARE PAINT BRUSH
c. On top of the line use all of the drawing tools to draw a picture of
your FAVORITE THING you did over winter break

Week 2 and 3: October 10-14th and 17-21

We will be creating a digital I spy book for the next two weeks.

1.) Bring three small toys from home or school (EX:Small Magnifiying glass, Hot Wheels car and a bracelet.)
2.) In groups the teacher will take a picture of your items.
3.) As a class we will create the layout of the book.
4.) Go to the following document and type 5 I spy sentences
Ms. Walley's Class:

Ms. Christiano's Class:

Ms. Stewarts Class:

Ms. Bannister's Class:

Ms. Kluttz's Class:

FINISH EARLY? Go and practice your typing:

1. If you finish early practice Typing the home row keys:

2. Or Practice Learning your numbers:

Week 4:October 24-27

4.) You will go to
Password: roabooks123

5.) Go to My Book Shelf
6.) Go to your page of items and type in two I spy sentences.
7.) When you are finished SAVE your work up in the top left hand corner.



Memory Game:

Where is the Brain: