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Second Quarter:

Week 1:


external image clipart_tech_computers_007.gif

1. Please practice typing. Go to the link below.

Learn the Paint Program

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTZUD3sXWnM4KXO_c7T1KUKLs4TuUIWPUve1tQ8gGweJz80LsGtEyXJZA
2. Go to Paint Program
Use the line tool and draw a line across the page about 2/3rds of the way down
Under the line write your name using the PAINT BRUSH
On top of the line use all of the drawing tools to draw a picture of
your FAVORITE THING you did over winter break

First Quarter:

Week 1: October 3rd-7th

Please practice typing. Go to the link below.

Week 2 and 3: October 10-14th and 17-21

We will be creating a digital I spy book for the next two weeks.

1.) Bring three small toys from home or school (EX:Small Magnifiying glass, Hot Wheels car and a bracelet.)
2.) In groups the teacher will take a picture of your items.
3.) As a class we will create the layout of the book.
4.) Go to Microsoft word and write 5 sentences.




4.) You will go to
Password: roabooks123

5.) Go to My Book Shelf
6.) Go to your page of items and type in two I spy sentences.
7.) When you are finished SAVE your work up in the top left hand corner.

FINISH EARLY? Go and practice your typing:

1. If you finish early practice Typing the home row keys:

2. Or Practice Learning your numbers: