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River Oaks Academy
Science Fair
What: River Oaks Academy 5th Grade Science Fair
When: Boards Due:April 9th, 2018
Judging will be:April 10th, 2018
Science Fair:April 11th, 2018

Where:5th Grade Classrooms at River Oaks Academy 9:30am - 11:00am

5th Grade Science Fair Experiments:

Science Fair topics and websites for each class:

ALL Science Fair Documents can be found in CANVAS for students or printable copies for parents can be found in Google Drive Link


Written and Project Board Rubrics:

Board Title Labels:

ROA Science Fair Due Dates
The range of due date is due to different classes come to the Science lab different days of the week. Therefore, their due date would be the day with in that range that they go to Science Lab. If it is after their assigned day it is considered late.
* DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!! **Note Hypothesis, Materials, Procedures due dates were pushed back 1 week from their original dates listed on the students folders. The correct due dates are listed below.
ROA Science Fair Due Dates
Due Dates:

Things to be completed:

* Each class has a different day based on their scheduled day in the science lab

Due Date:
All Classes on

1.Parents signature on topic choice/
Science Fair Letter

Due Date:
  1. 1. 1.Choose a topic/problem and title
  2. 2. 2.Form a Hypothesis: I predict…because...
  3. 3.

Due Date:
1. List of ALL materials
2. Procedures: Step by Step directions of how you will test your hypothesis.

Start your experiment no later than:
  1. 1. Start you experiment.
  2. 2. Record data in your journal.
  3. 3. All experiments must be started by the
week of February 23rd

Due Date:
1.Data- all charts, graphs and results
2.Conclusion- make sure you answered ALL question from page 4 and 5
3. Real Life Application- refer to page 5

Due Dates:
Written PAPER Due: Please refer to page to make sure you have EVERYTHING in the paper and correct format.
*Due to Teacher Workday Mrs. Whurr’s class will have to turn their paper in on Thursday April 2nd.

Due Dates:
ALL boards are due on
Science Fair completed BOARDS DUE. Be sure to follow the Display and Safety Guidelines.


Judging ONLY at 9:30 am (students only)


ROA 5th Grade Science Fair
(in 5th Grade Classrooms)

You will only cause undue stress and pressure to your life.
Not to mention, you will have turned something fun and enjoyable into
something painful and exhausting. Use your time wisely.
Do a little bit each day and HAVE FUN with it J